69 Percent Of US Primary Care Doctors WILL HAVE Electronic Medical Records

69 Percent Of US Primary Care Doctors WILL HAVE Electronic Medical Records

In the study, “A Survey of Primary Care Doctors in Ten Countries Shows Progress in the Use of Health Information Technology, Less in THE AREAS,” the U.S. Commonwealth Fund senior vice president Cathy Schoen, lead writer of the research. According to the survey, as the U.S. Canada has made improvements in health it uses, both countries continue steadily to lag behind the market leaders in EMR use and the range of functions backed by practice systems. In fact, 27 percent of U just.S.

Providing patients with digital access is apparently spreading. The survey found that in regards to a third of U.S. However, the ability of primary treatment physicians to switch information electronically with doctors outside their practice is not regular in virtually any country. New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Switzerland lead on information exchange, with about half of the doctors having that capacity, in comparison to 31 percent of doctors in the U.S.

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Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis. Primary care doctors’ reviews on receiving information back again from specialists and private hospitals about the care provided to their patients suggest that communication and teamwork issues distributed by all the countries. Primary care physicians’ reviews about their patients’ access to specialists varied broadly: ten percent of Swiss doctors, in comparison to three-fourths of New and Canadian Zealand doctors, said their patients often face long waits to visit a specialist.

Twenty-eight percent of U.S. -the same percentage of U.K. voiced this concern -as well. To supply incentives for quality improvement, many of the nationwide countries have been buying making information on doctor performance. U.K. doctors stick out for getting responses on their performance: 84 percent of U.K. 82 percent receive data on hospital admissions and ER use, and 78 percent have comparative data available-by the highest rates in the study significantly. Within the U.S., physicians who reported that they spend lots of time on insurance restrictions or that their patients have admission problems were the most likely to demand major change and were the most negative about practicing medicine.

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