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For the last decade, I’ve supported the National Press Photographers Association Northern Short Course as a presenter. This year, for three days, we’ll be in New Brunswick, NJ (leave 9!) March 11th through 13th. I present on, what else? Here’s the entire program, which include William Foster on social marketing/websites, Paula Lerner on media, Tom Sperduto on lighting, courses on audio, Final Cut Pro, and portfolio reviews, and more! Please post your feedback by clicking the link below. If you questions, please present them inside our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

Q5. State anybody limitation of comparative declaration. Q6. What do you indicate by trend analysis? Ans. It shows the change in long-term. Q6. Give one advantage of trend evaluation. Ans.ideal for sales, purchases, revenue. Q7. Clarify whether comparative declaration is a form of vertical analysis or horizontal evaluation? Q8. Give one objective of financial analysis.

Ans. For financial efficiency of business. Q9. Give one benefit of common size declaration. Ans. We can understand percentage with total. Q10. What is common size balance sheet? Ans. Where percentage of every item with total is shown. Q11. What do you imply by Ratio analysis? Ans. Showing proportion of two related numbers. Q12. State one objective of ratio evaluation.

Ans. Make quick decision about different areas. Q14. What’s purpose of liquidity percentage. Ans. Shows short-term solvency. Q15. How many ratios come under liquidity proportion? Ans. Current and quick. Q16. Give method of current ratio. Ans. Current assets/ current liabilities. Q17. Name the various solvency ratios. Q18. What is the objective of turnover proportion? Ans. To check efficiency of business. Q19. Give formulation for stock turnover ratio. Ans. Revenue from procedure/ average stock.

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  • Milling Business
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  • Call the hotel to inform them of the price, require price matching, benefits
  • Areas Outside the P-Zones and I-Zones
  • Masonville Place will most probably from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m
  • Builds Online Reputation
  • Rent a Drone to Hover an Open House Banner

Q20. What will be contained in average accounts receivable? Ans. Bills and Debtors receivable. Q1.What is a Cash Flow Statement? Q3. What are operating activities? Ans.Working Activities are related to the basic activities of purchase and sale. Q4. What exactly are Investing Activities? Q5. What exactly are Financing Activities? Q6. How do you treat Refund of Tax?

Q7. What are cash equivalents? Q8. What’s working capital? Q10. How do you want to treat depreciation? Ans : Partnership is the connection between persons that have agreed to discuss the profits of a business continued by all or some of them acting for everyone. Q.2. Write two features of partnership. There must be several partners.