InvestSriLanka: HOW EXACTLY TO SPEND MONEY ON Sri Lanka Government Securities

InvestSriLanka: HOW EXACTLY TO SPEND MONEY ON Sri Lanka Government Securities

Sri Lanka Treasury Bills and Bonds draw in foreign investors for a number of reasons. Prime among them are the stability of the booming economy of Sri Lanka and the higher interest rates offered on these government debt instruments in comparison to similar securities from other countries especially US and Europe. Sri Lanka Treasury Bonds and Expenses are Taxes Free as withholding tax is charged at source. What is a Treasury Bill? Treasury bill is a short term debt device of 3, 6 or a year released by the national government of Sri Lanka. Treasury Bills are discounted instruments – the investor pays the discounted value (investment value) and receives the face value on maturity.

Government issues Treasury Bills through every week auctions and interest is set predicated on the bids received. Exactly what is a Treasury Bond? Treasury Bond is a medium to long-term debt instrument of 2 to twenty years issued by the Government of Sri Lanka. Treasury Bond carries a promotion (interest) which is paid on a half yearly basis, and the main is repaid on maturity.

What is Sri Lanka Development Bond? Sri Lanka Development Bonds (SLDBs) are a debt device denominated in US Dollars released by the federal government of Sri Lanka. Interest is paid to the holder every half a year and the main repayment is made at the end of the maturity period. Calculation of interest obligations will be based on the six month London Inter Bank or investment company Offered Rate (LIBOR) for USD per annum plus a margin identified through competitive bidding at the auction. Who Issues Treasury Bills/Bonds? • Treasury Bills : Available to foreign investors, Sri Lankan diaspora living/working overseas and Sri Lankan people. • Treasury Bonds : Open to foreign investors, Sri Lankan diaspora living/working abroad and Sri Lankan citizens.

• Inflation-linked Bonds : Available only to Sri Lankan citizens. • Sri Lanka Development Bonds : Available to foreign investors, Sri Lankan diaspora living/working and Specific Companies overseas. How to Invest in Government Securities? MAY I Spend money on Treasury Bills/Bonds? Foreign institutional investors such as foreign country funds, mutual funds and regional funds.

Corporate bodies included outside Sri Lanka. Citizens of foreign expresses. What are the primary Features of Treasury Bills? What exactly are the Main Top features of Treasury Bonds? What Benefits MAY I Derive by Investing in Treasury Bills/Bonds? • It is an absolutely risk free investment, since it is issued by the sovereign federal government. Hence, they are called gilt-edged securities and therefore they are included in gold.

• You may get the highest interest since the yield rates are motivated on the market. • Since these expenses/bonds are tradable in the secondary market, you can buy instant liquidity by selling them in the market. • All receipts appealing, maturity proceeds and capital benefits are repatriable fully.

• You might have a joint investment with someone else or people. Hence, it is a very good way to talk about your investments with loved people. • You are not at the mercy of further taxation, since a withholding tax of 10 percent is charged at source is the ultimate tax. • No stamp responsibility is payable on these bills/bonds. • You may get the best service from the CBSL which maintains your investment in its state of the art, Scripless Security Settlement System and the fully automated Central Depository System (CDS).

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What is the Option of Treasury Bills/Bonds to a Foreign Investor? • Foreign traders can purchase up to 10% of the total outstanding Treasury Bills or Bonds at any moment. How Can I Make an application for Treasury Bills? • You can buy Treasury bills at any time through Primary Dealers (PDs) or Licensed Commercial Banks (LCBs) registered with the CBSL. PDs are the establishments appointed by the CBSL for trading in Government securities.

Contact details of these institutions receive below. • You can purchase Treasury expenses by sending bids to the principal auctions through PDs or through immediate placements. • To make arrangement for account exchanges, you can advise your own bank or investment company to open up a Rupee accounts named “Treasury expenses Investment External Rupee Account – 2 (TIERA – 2)” within an LCB in Sri Lanka.