How To Protect Your Financial Future

How To Protect Your Financial Future

There are many factors going into the state of our overall economy right now and do not require are in our immediate control. Let’s take a look at just a very few (but major) issues that are plaguing our country right now. Oil prices are the highest ever sold, and they’re not going to drop anytime soon It really is affecting everything from driving our cars to shopping for groceries to heating our homes.

If you made a great living 2 or 3 years ago, you probably only make a good living today. If you made a good living a few years ago, you are probably doing just “ok” today. Our money will probably be worth less and less in the future. The Federal Government has bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just, who holds a whopping 50% of America’s mortgages.

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Due to the massive foreclosure rate we’ve in this country, we the taxpayers will be responsible for paying back that money now. Are you looking forward compared to that? I know I am. Lehman Brothers, the biggest Stock Brokerage company in the country, has submitted for bankruptcy just and are requesting federal government help in bailing them out also. How can you prepare for your retirement?

Who is it possible to count on to save lots of your money for you until you are 65 years old? The answer is you. You must plan now. Network Marketing has been around for decades and has shown to be a solid, viable way to earn a living. Think Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. The top earners for these companies made millions.

Internet Marketing only exploded the possibilities of financial freedom for millions more people, which is still in it’s infancy. Being your own boss is the only way to ensure that you, and only you, are in control of how much cash you will make this coming year, and in the turbulent years to come. But how will you know very well what kind of business shall be right for you?

It needs to be a standalone product that offers something of value to the individuals who purchase it. From then on, it must provide a pay plan, or commission framework that, when momentum starts rolling, tomorrow for efforts you put in today will offer a residual type of income that keeps paying you.

If you have a team of top makers, they’ll make sales that not only earn them money, but you can earn money predicated on their initiatives as well also. It is a win-win situation, as this kind of structure lends itself to team building, and mutual support. Don’t just shop the merchandise or opportunity, make sure you also “shop” for someone who will go the length for you as you get your business up and running. It takes some time and getting a supportive coach can make all the difference in your positive attitude heading ahead.

The money has all been sucked up by an extremely fewer number of individuals. That is what kills an economy. We allow this to occur when you are intentionally ignorant, preoccupied with nonsense to the idea we believe media lay. In the end the only thing that will still pay is slave labor and military. The always intended fate of the plebs when times get tough. 3. “Money as personal debt” adorable 8-part series but done as a simple cartoon to hold one’s attention on the subject. 4. oh Canada our bought and sold-out land is a great Canadian primer on the existing downward spiral that people will all face.

Short of being another Ron Paul or Peter Schiff/here are some recommendations to help you plan the upcoming situation similar from what the U.S.S.R went through. 1. Buy things of value during this stagflation period. 2. Dump cash cost savings before you lose 40-50 percent to inflation. 3. Learn and maintain a food storage space system. Canadian maples and sterling silver eagles are better than a fiat-money investment. I am being over-reactive.

But do you really think the world is always going to get bigger and bigger and North Americans can just payout IOU’s to everyone? I like your writing style and I assume I can not survive the economic collapse. Its so difficult to obtain a good job now just! PFMPE is a great site and everyone should take the time to see through the authors’ insistence on using such an archaic writing style. The given information it contains is precious. If everyone believes money is essential, and it is not, they must be made to understand that currency is a fiat of law, not an act of nature.