The Chatty Professor

The Chatty Professor

Yes, a friend of mine just died. 7 a.m. morning this, in truth. And, indeed, while I’ve written about some challenges lately, I still have my practicality about me. During a run a few days ago, I mentally replayed every one of the “get ready for finals” tips I’d seen via blogs, articles, etc. over the past week or so. Let’s just say more than I can effectively count. And several of those tips are extremely useful. But what few people discuss is what goes on after the levels come in.

What no one does then? First things first: You have to talk with your teacher, even if your inclination is to take the knife with that you carved your Thanksgiving turkey and scuff it alongside his/her car. Ideally, your meeting with the prof should take place before official levels are published. Where do most students go wrong in this “I failed” meeting? But what should you say? Before you say anything, compute your quality yourself and ensure that your totals match the professor.

Hey, and may bust up your GPA, but you can usually pull your credit out of the class still. Now suppose you get confirmation that you did fail. You’ll want to look for the reason before you continue the discussion–hopefully before you even walk into your professor’s door. If you ask me with hundreds and a huge selection of students, failure takes some ongoing work, even if the “work” consists of wrestling with your choice to do nothing at all. If you tried your best and just didn’t cut the mustard (who slashes mustard, anyway? I actually Googled the origination of this phrase–give it a go.

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I found that the originator may have meant “mustard seed”, which is, indeed, hard to cut. But that just doesn’t quite have the right ring, does it? What you likely didn’t do was see your teacher enough for help or check your grades earlier to find out how your average was coming along.

No judgment in that declaration whatsoever, but being honest about how come the quickest way to figure out how to change things for next time. If, in reality, you did hardly any work and the “F” are no surprise, the discussion is worth having still. Well, your prof could investigate how close you were to a passing offer and grade you some extra credit. But he/she might not do this and is not required to certainly.

You can ask, but really, it’s likely too past due for that. Probably, your proof will discuss your retaking the class. I’ve definitely had students either drop my course or fail it (the latter is a far, far fewer number) and then return a term or two later and they’re actually ahead of the game.