Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien Investing

Because we couldn’t find a house to buy that we wanted to reside in, we decided that we would consider purchasing real property for an investment. The real estate market was booming at this time and traders were paying near to the market price for foreclosures because the market was increasing so fast. 300,000, which was out of my cost range. Also at these sales you had a need to have 20% of the bet price in authorized funds on your day of the sale and the rest within 10 days.

Since we found ourselves locked out of the market, I wanted to do something with the tiny bit of money that we had still left from the sale of our condominium to invest for our future. I needed heard about taxes lien investing, and I thought that was something that I might be able to do.

I started heading to taxes sales in NJ, the state that I lived in at that time. The problem was that I possibly could not find any information about how to invest in tax liens in my own state. At that time there was just one single book on the net about taxes lien trading and it didn’t contain any specific information about my state. What information that I possibly could find was very general. So I started going to tax sales and doing some extensive research to discover more. I met someone else that was aiming to do the same thing I used to be, only on a much bigger scale, so we teamed up and helped each other.

We discovered the taxes lien investing business in NJ, and for some time I worked for my partner, creating a sizable tax lien portfolio for him while I was building a smaller portfolio for myself. I hired a handful of people to help me and trained them about how to do due diligence for tax sale properties and bet at the sale.

We even developed our own software to monitor our investments and automate most of the work. Meanwhile I noticed that there were a lot of people out there like me who wished to learn about taxes lien trading but didn’t know where you can turn. I explored taxes lien and tax deed investing in every constant state and wrote a couple of e-books, which I sold through my internet site. Then I started doing teleseminars and interviewing experts in different states on aspects of tax lien and tax deed investing. I wrote step-by-step home study courses on tax lien and tax deed investing and began doing live seminars for local investing groups.

Now I’ve multiple home research courses, internet sites, and blogs for tax lien and tax deed investing. A tax is had by me lien investing podcast on iTunes, Videos on YouTube, and articles on tax taxes and lien deed investing that show up on multiple web sites. My goal through each one of these mediums is to give you the reality about tax lien investing, with no hype, and to help you build your own profitable collection of taxes tax or liens deeds.

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