Don’t Confuse Brown With The Facts

Don’t Confuse Brown With The Facts

In Marion County, 8 of nine townships failed to document a written report detailing eligibility requirements annually. 89 townships failed to file accounting records for aid to the poor. 50 million designed for aid to the indigent. An interesting note on why Center Township has written criteria for eligibility as the other townships in Marion County don’t.

During the past due Julia Carson’s reign as Center Township Trustee, she was sued by the ACLU for applying arbitrary standards for determining eligibility. She considered the lawsuit frivolous at the time but agreed to change the way the township does business as part of a settlement contract. Hope to getting legislation passed to remove the politically-driven and inefficient township trustees and replacing them with a professionally-run state office was flushed down the toilet in the Senate this week. Which should make radio chat show web host Amos Brown happy. He has made the decision that anyone who favors a better system is a racist. According to Brown, only a “lily-white group” favors the change.

He has informed his radio listeners that Mitch Daniels is a racist, Mayor Greg Ballard is a racist, Senator James Merritt is a racist. Week This past, he concluded the same about Marilyn Schultz and Kevin Brinegar, coalition organizers. Brown is starting to appear to be Uncle Leo on “Seinfeld”, who was convinced every non-Jew was anti-Semitic.

Don’t confuse Brown with the reality. He’d rather protect the high-paid jobs of a small number of elected black officials by defaming the proponents then take action to help poor blacks influenced by the delivery of services of which these elected officials are faltering miserably. Meanwhile, the Star’s political columnist Matt Tully reminds us of how Indiana lawmakers take care of themselves while eliminating the township reform legislation in order to safeguard the careers of their politics cronies. Remember that health care for life perk the legislature finally eliminated for themselves and family after a public outcry? Well, they slipped another health care perk for themselves through the legislature when nobody was looking.

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1, each year of service for their part-time job 000 for. The power becomes vested after 10 years of service; it’s 15 years for full-time state employees. The same super-wealthy Noblesville senator who would like to raise your taxes to bail out the CIB for the benefit of the billionaire sports activities-team owners, Sen.

Luke Kenley, sponsored the perk, which transferred the Senate on a vote of 47-1. THE HOME transferred the measure with a 77-21 vote with Rep. Charlie Brown taking the authorship honor. 23 million in profits derived from the cigarette taxes increase for the state’s new Health Indiana Plan for low-income persons to gain access to affordable health care plan to purchase an area of the costs of their new benefit.