Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends

We have started a new feature at Small Business Trends. Weekend we review a few of the great weblogs being authored on the Web today Each. We call them PowerBlog Reviews. Most of them are downright superb. A few of them have as their topics small business or entrepreneurship. Others are niche-focused, covering subjects such as blogging, economic development, or even computer bugs. Others cover a wide variety of subjects Still. But they all have one thing in common.

They are written by folks who are entrepreneurs or small business owners, or they focus on topics that are of interest to small and midsize businesses and entrepreneurs. What’s the bond to a site that tracks trends? Simple. Blogging — and especially blogging about business topics — are one of the latest trends on the Web today. We can think of no better way to track this fast-developing tendency than by profiling the unique and interesting uses of the blog medium today for business purposes.

UPDATE: Previously we have shown the PowerBlog Reviews on the house page, but the quantity simply became too great to keep that practice. Now we are listing each of the PowerBlog Reviews below – check them out! Would you like your blog presented in a PowerBlog Review? The Powerblog Review series is being retired at the end of September 2005 and we are no more accepting new blogs to review.

  • Most competition (and failures)
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • 15 percent of April sales
  • Kubernetes / AKS / EKS
  • Get Up and TAKE ACTION! Publisher: BBC Audiobooks

When you sell your S-Corporation, your taxable gain on the sale of the business can be less than it would have been experienced you operated the business as a regular corporation. As mentioned above already, S-Corporations aren’t subject to corporate and business tax rates. S-Corporations therefore prevent the so-called “two times taxation” of dividends generally in most states. 800). This is one factor to be studied into consideration whenever choosing between an LLC and an S-corporation in California. On highly profitable enterprises, the LLC franchise taxes fees, which derive from gross income, may be lower than the 1.5% net gain tax.

Conversely, on high gross income, low profit-margin businesses, the LLC franchise tax fees may exceed the S-Corporation net gain taxes. NEW YORK: S-Corporations are subject to the entire corporate tax at a 8.85% rate. However, if the S-Corporation can demonstrate that a portion of its business was done outside the city, that part shall not be at the mercy of the additional taxes. S-Corporations (much like regular C-Corporations) are permitted to retain their net profits as operating capital. S-Corporation status is not long lasting and can be reversed back if so desired. For example, if the business becomes more profitable and there are tax advantages to being a regular C-Corporation, S-Corporation registration status can be dropped after a certain amount of time.

• sufficient room – the recommended square footage requirements per seat are: 10-20 sq. feet. • convenient delivery zone, simple cleaning and maintenance, and proper lighting and ventilation. 10. Take the biggest seating requirement in step 9 and add a 20% security margin for the seats capacity. Insurance needs for businesses vary greatly.