“Kasali, ONCE I Go Gather Balance Na My?

“Kasali, ONCE I Go Gather Balance Na My?

Growing up at Aba Nla, a village near to Ibadan, I put two “career paths” on my brain. I wished to become a Officer or a coffin manufacturer either. A Officer, because it was easy and simple job to make free money; a Coffin-maker because there will always be a ready market as people will naturally die. After the community leader, a retired Civil war veteran, the richest man in the community was the DPO Kenneth. By the time I completed JSS 3, my confusion concerning which of the professions to consider was resolved.

Even back in the first 90’s when Road bribery wasn’t finished with much chutzpah by our friends in dark, getting yourself through the authorities College was an extremely cool idea. The idea of being truly a Policeman in Nigeria is even more profitable these days that there’s no limit to how much you can make on the streets.

Luckily for you as a Policeman, your visitors won’t have required documents before they put their vehicles on the road. For your customers who have all their papers, they won’t know their privileges. The only risk here is possible equipped robbers assault. For you Luckily, when armed robbers are on the prowl, your customers whom you should protect, will give you their own clothes to change into. If you refuse Even, you will be suggested to oblige since your gun-power cannot match the machines being used by the robbers .This is my attitude before day some robbers escaped from a loan company robbery at Ijebu-Ode.

Aba Nla was to be their exit route but DPO Kenneth, my role model at that time and his boys were radioed from Eleyele Force Headquaters in Ibadan to lay down ambush for the robbers. Kenneth and his young boys bowed to superior fire-power. Kenneth was shot and he didn’t endure. Then I asked myself, ” what shall it gain a Policeman who “obtained” motorists, made a lot money and then be killed doing his thing.

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  • There is load-balancing at all levels of creation: the vegetable, cell, machine, skill, and person
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I turned to Plan B. Coffin makers/sellers are business men who are on a course of their own; I wanted to be always a distinguished one. The Nigerian businessman who understands the logic of the coffin sellers is Aliko Dangote. Sell to your customers what they can’t do without – Rice, salt, sugar – and you are good. It’s the same thing for the coffin-seller; people live, generate income and strive hard only for one thing – to perish.

A coffin-seller will only be out of business when people stop dying. I’ve even seen a 60 12 months old man model for coffin manufacturers. WHEN I dropped out of Prospect High School, I joined a coffin-maker as an apprentice. Kasali Coffin-makers was the biggest in the whole of Aba Nla. He had customers so far as Ibadan even, Ijebu-Ode, Lagos and Abeokuta. I learnt the trick to Kasali’s success the first week I joined. There have been two apprentices already working with him , John and Ade.

Kasali came to your house on a Thursday night with the two males and he educated my grandma that I got an errand to perform for him. The nature of my apprenticeship was such that your oga was pretty much your owner – so your parents obliged any request.