US Telecommunication Services That Supports International Call Are Breaking Their Promises! [EXPERIENCE]

US Telecommunication Services That Supports International Call Are Breaking Their Promises! [EXPERIENCE]

Coming from an international country and abandoning business and family is always enabling you to feel alone. The only path to communicate is by using telecommunication services. But my country Bangladesh is not supported by two of the very most known telecommunication services Verizon & Time Warner. Therefore I put to employ an alternative party service or I should say “services”. Let me just let you know my experience with the two services that I used. So 1 day I received a call from a guy who claimed himself as “Pakistani” and said they have this phenomenal offer of contacting my country for only 1 cent per second.

I asked him where does he get my quantity and he said my uncle offered it to him (which is true). I had been using phone cards that time so I informed him I’m not interested. After a couple of days the same man calls me with the same offer again. I passed and said no. But he started calling me weekly and I kind of got pissed off and informed him I’ll take his service. But a funny truth about his call was that it’s not from a cellular phone and you’ll never get the same person in a call if you call them back again.

However everything was fine when I got the service but when I saw my expenses – ! It had been a lot more than they said. The scene is kind of same at the first. Another Pakistani called me and told me he has a special promotion and he could be offering me a package deal that Lingo can’t offer. Tax and that’s much it fairly. So I signed up and noticed something irrelevant.

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I can talk to him about the offer and everything but I can’t sign up for the service through him. But anyway the deal was amazing. Besides for the first 40 days I will simply pay 5 dollars (trial period). A few months. I called lingo and like NuEra they refused to let me speak to the agent who launched me to the service at the first. Tax unlimited. CapitalOne agent found my statement true and set my balance. However they sent me another letter saying that easily don’t pay them back, they’ll do something in my credit account & they’ll also talk to the collection department.

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