15 Stats That Prove Google Adwords Is A Great Investment For YOUR COMPANY

15 Stats That Prove Google Adwords Is A Great Investment For YOUR COMPANY

Not sure Google AdWords is a good investment for your business? Then consider the 15 stats below, which I organized around frequently-asked questions (FAQs) that I hear from business owners. Are My Customers Really Using Search Engines TO CREATE Buying Decisions? 72% of consumers prefer to find information on local merchants via search.

Google has 71% of the search market talk about. This stat only answers the question, but we gained a visit just search. Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network. Google displays campaigns reach 80% of global internet surfers. Consumers subjected to display advertisements are, normally, 155% much more likely to find brand- and segment-specific conditions.

About 97% of Google’s total earnings result from advertising. How come this stat so important? It illustrates the importance of Google AdWords to Google’s business. Since Google depends so greatly on Google AdWords, that means Google’s focus and priority is on maintaining and enhancing the tool continually. This is important, especially today whenever we see so many complaints about Bing Adds support.

Why NOT ONLY Spends money on SEO? 89% of the traffic produced by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when advertisements are paused. For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page. 98% of searchers choose a business that is on page 1 of the results they get.

This stresses the need for a rating on the first web page of Google. Does Google AdWords Campaigns ACTUALLY WORKING? 1 they devote to AdWords. This is a strong indication that those businesses were producing positive ROI, because if they were not, they wouldn’t increase their costs. 70% of mobile searchers call a small business directly from Google Search.

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  • 95% of annual returns between: +41.5% and -24%

70% of mobile queries lead to action being used in a hour. Obviously, there are a great number of factors that determine the success of a Google AdWords advertising campaign so these stats shouldn’t imply that every ad advertising campaign will be profitable. The truth is that you must set up and control your ads correctly to see positive results.

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