HERA Ultra Moisture Cushion Compact #23

HERA Ultra Moisture Cushion Compact #23

I haven’t used a cushion foundation in age range, mostly because it is rather rare to find a method to my liking that’s also a color match for anybody who’s deeper than a NC15 skintone. 23 tones tend to fall between a neutral NC20 to NC23. I made a decision to wait around a few (years?) for cushion foundations to get traction and increase into deeper shades for a more global customer foundation.

Luckily, I’ve seen this expansion in U.S. 23 Beige, and it’s the 1st pillow that is solidly NC30. I had some reservations about the method being moisturizing for the summer warmth too, but it is the best one I’ve attempted thus far. Like the majority of standard cushioning products, the package comes with the cushion, the cushion fill up small, and two puffs. I must say I do think that the typical puffs that include cushions make a huge difference in software and wear. They’re a little less porous than Beautyblenders and waste less product offers more product, and is often less streaky than using a brush.

The cushion keeping the base product itself seems a little stiffer to the touch so you must press down to retrieve product. 23-Sand Beige (about NC25), Pope Air Cushion XP Cover in C23 (about NC15-20), and Hera Ultra Moisture in 23 Beige (NC30). Though I don’t expect long wear time from cushions, this one really stands the test of air-conditioned conditions, humidity, and heat– even without a mattifying powder on top.

It started to wear down on your skin by the 6-hour tag in the entire heat of the summer season, but with reduced patchiness and a fading than piling effect rather. Luckily, you can reapply it without worrying about it caking up. Enough Strangely layering is still no problem if you have textural issues like large skin pores (especially around the sides of the nasal area for me) or dried out and flaky areas. I think that one would be a top vendor if it had an increased SPF rating, but I always wear a separate chemical sunscreen underneath of my base makeup.

I believe those with dried out to normal skin with minor texture and firmness issues will enjoy this as an everyday option, for the summer especially, if they can find a color match. I definitely benefit from the portability of the product to repurchase it once I use up my back-up refill enough.

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It is a demi-matte finish, meaning it retains skin from looking greasy, but offers handful of glowiness that stops the overly-matte still, flat look that so many mattifying foundations have. I’ve also discovered that it generally does not cling to dried out patches, which is great for those with mixture skin types who need the best of both worlds.

This foundation is amazing; it looks gorgeous, applies wonderful, and it can last all night. I’ve worn this makeup out dance, where I upset a good perspiration, and of wearing away and becoming super-greasy instead, it developed more of a “glowy” finish that still got a refined, pulled-together look. I almost didn’t want to remove my makeup because I had been in awe at how good it looked at 2:00 am. I know you’re dying to discover that foundation I believe is the better of both, aren’t you?