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The Brooklyn Investor

So think about this simply a quick takeaway type of thing that might not be of much value to the people who wisely had taken the time to read it. And by no means is this a summary. I’m only authoring certain things that came to brain. I don’t mention most topics that are at the letter.

16.0% for the S&P 500 index. Buffett called this come back sugar, but that’s only because it underperformed the S&P 500 index (total return, which includes dividends). 14.4% is a very good, decent return. BRK tends to not prosper on a relative basis in strong market years, but will much better in not-so-good market years.

So we shouldn’t be too worried about BRK underperforming in big up years. In fact, Buffett says that BRK only underperformed in 9 out of 48 years but that in 8 of those 9 years the marketplace was up 15% or more. Buffett says, “We do better when the breeze is inside our face”. Just one or doesn’t really let you know much, so let’s take a quick look at the long run.

  • Investment Report Summary
  • Adjusted Return on Capital = (Adjusted Net Income + Interest Expense) / Average Asset
  • 3 main towns in Panama are, the capital Panama city, Colon, and David. 😀
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents Cash on Hand – consists of un-deposited selections
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9.4% for the S&P 500 index. Season rates are also beneficial compared to the S&P 500 index The five and ten. Charlie and I really believe the gain in Berkshire’s intrinsic value will over time likely surpass the S&P returns by a little margin. I’ve suspected that for a while now so that doesn’t amaze me, but I don’t remember him actually saying that way before. Obviously, he has said many times in the past that BRK’s development will be nowhere near what it’s been before.

Anyway, that is not a big concern for conservative investors who own BRK really. It’s a good stock to possess. I know this is a recurring theme with this blog and it’s really beating a useless horse. I acquired out of the market because I’m concerned about xxxxx”. Some say, “you better escape the market because I noticed some men on TV say that the Dow can get down to 6000!

Performance goals – you agree that the buyer will make payments on certain milestones being achieved. What Do Buyers Look Like? Corporate – This buyer is normally a successful commercial employee that has saved up some money and is seeking to get out of employment and to their own business. They are specifically thinking about buying a website because of the freedom that it allows them. Seniors are soon realizing that their few hundred thousand invested or saved is not going to last them long.