$20k/mo HAVING A Cigar Subscription Box [Started Out Of My Dorm]

$20k/mo HAVING A Cigar Subscription Box [Started Out Of My Dorm]

Today’s interview has been Michael Arciola III of Southern Cigar Co, a brand that offers cigar membership service. Product: Cigar membership service. I’m Michael Arciola III and the creator of Southern Cigar Co.. On the right time of the founding, I used to be a learning student at Florida State University or college learning computer technology and business.

I started the business 4 years back out of my apartment and couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made thus far. Southern Cigar Co.’s main product is a membership box, which was all the hype and still is currently then. Our primary customers are fathers, golfers, businessmen, and new hobbyists. We ship worldwide and have delivered to over 30 different countries up to now.

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250k a 12 months in revenue, but this has been growing at about 20% season over year. Me packing containers outside our apartment on the deck. They might be done by me in batches, this being one of these. My journey to construct Southern Cigar Co. was much different than most. Although I’ve enjoyed cigars always, it wasn’t built around a passion for cigars.

During my time at Florida State University, I usually joked around (types of kidding, type, or not) that the computer research students were likely to learn something then immediately put it to use in real life. The flip aspect being the business school, where you learn something very abstract that you likely won’t have the ability to apply until you are at the mature level. I experienced that I could verify my computer science knowledge, but business knowledge I couldn’t.

I had a need to prove to myself that I could make it available world, a test or grade wasn’t enough for me. Knowing I wanted to make a continuing business, my next problem was I had fashioned no money no right time. I used to be a full-time student without a job through the school year. With that, I started brainstorming business types that wouldn’t take up tons of time and that I could begin with a relatively small amount of money. Over time I ran across subscription boxes, which seemed to work well. You merely need a few thousand to buy initial inventory, get some good containers, website, and I’m all set.

Additionally, we only have to ship monthly. Which means this didn’t require that I pack and ship packages every day/week. Just a few times of shipping and packaging and I could continue on with my entire life. Now with the business enterprise plan setup, I need an actual product to market.

This process required the longest but was the main. Again, like I before did, I laid down my initial constraints. I wanted to sell something “consumable”. I felt like subscription boxes for something non-consumable always, like socks, wouldn’t work. After a few months, you’ll have and cancel the subscription enough.

With that constraint in place, for the next 6-8 months, I would jot down anything I saw that was consumable throughout my day. When I say everything, I wrote down everything. This consists of pencils, or paper, gasoline, or other things that were consumed. Week I’d have a list of solid 3-5 ideas that can work After about a.

I would test my Dad, Mom, brother, and sweetheart with my suggestions to see what they thought. My Mom always knowing I possibly could do it stood behind most of my ideas (like a great mother should). My partner took the center surface, knowing I possibly could do it but was hesitant.