Belongs To Miss A

Belongs To Miss A

Assalamualaikum and hits to my lovely readers! Fine lah kau, aim, setiap bulan, data entry je can create. This month Serius but, In Shaa ALLAH, month to face because my final exam nearby going to be considered a great! I’m ready, I am going to get what I wish for this sem. 2.Kena bank pagan sun block.

Very essential part for the skin we have. 3.Main fruits, making vegetables, kurangkan makanan bergoreng. P/S: Sorry lah sebab banyak sangat it. Ni semua pic sepanjang saya menghadapi pores and skin problems dari UIA Nilai until Gombak. No edit. No time-time. Naturactor cleaning soap in, so memang kena dengan muka saya significantly, tapi Ada impact lain dengan muka awak-way semua yang nak try maybe.

  • On your brow bone
  • Start with ½ cup of castor sugar in a bowl
  • Be Respectful
  • Combination skin: The green tea balancing line
  • A keloid, especially in people with darker skin
  • Dr. Brunner’s Lavender All-Purpose Soap

I was super thrilled and said yes! Here’s the things I have chosen and the swatches. I chose some makeup, skincare, and a purse. Here’s what I acquired. Global Goddess I- Divine Eye Color. Packaging is smooth and nice with a good gold design at the top. Darjeeling is like a khaki green taupe color.

It comes out more taupe on the eye than green. This is actually the least pigmented of the three but is a really great changeover color for the crease. Great for individuals who like the greater neutral tones. Shambala is my new favorite color. A beautiful peach with a nice sheen to it. This is so on blue yes and ideal for the Spring/Summer pretty.

Kumaon is a lovely warm medium brown with a shimmer. Nicely pigmented and blends very easily, this is a perfect dark brown for a gentle smoky vision or a good dark crease. I am going to the say the product packaging looks kinda 90’s or something similar to that. The Purse is the best thing I received out of everything. I have been using this because the day I got it and I love it.

It’s been working perfectly for me personally as a diaper bag. It’s nice and big and retains everything I want in there and it’s really a bit more stylish than my Winnie The Pooh diaper handbag haha! It’s got one big compartment inside with a zipper pouch and 2 little pouches on the opposite side. I also chose the Cures Age Defyer Eye Cream.

The smell is terrible but the method is great for my sensitive skin and eyes. No watering, itchiness, or burning therefore I can look past the stink of it. It does smell yucky though, so keep that it mind if you are about the scent. It feels nice rather than too greasy. I can’t say I’ve noticed an improvement yet as it’s only been a week.