Put Your Club Online

Put Your Club Online

Recently the development team at Blogger revamped the administrative -panel where in fact the work is done to make a website/blog. Facebook recently introduced “Timeline” and a fresh look for web pages and groups, so all the Facebook lessons and PDF manuals need to be rewritten. I am still a company believer that Blogger can be an excellent Blog and online News delivery system. We will upgrade our Blogger lessons so we can continue steadily to support those users that have used Blogger to host your club websites. We need to publish this content that is much longer accurate no, so you shall see the majority of the Blogger lessons disappear.

Browse for the theme zip file on your computer and click Install Now. Await WordPress to install the theme and click Activate to help make the theme lives on your blog then. WordPress has two main types of content: posts and pages. Content our blog content and appearance on your website backwards chronological order dynamically.

In other words, the newer posts first show. These appear on leading-page (or homepage) of your website, if you can change that if you want to. A full page, on the other hand, is a static bit of content that never changes if you don’t make changes to it. Among the better examples of site pages are the contact page, about page, or privacy page. ‘s web pages and can create as much as you need. Add New in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Configuration summary page
  • Cost: Open source, free, no licensing fees
  • Windows 10 Upgrade: MAY I choose 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Design a logo design
  • Remove Wix Ads
  • Share and disperse your QR code
  • Save hours from querying bloggers separately
  • Multiple rich content pages

Here you can include a page name and add this content you want. For instance, add a written text message, images, and video. After you’re done creating your website’s web page, click Publish to make it go on your website. You can do this as many times as you need for the various web pages you want to increase your website. Add New in your WordPress dashboard to add a post to your internet site.

You’ll see a screen that’s similar to the WordPress page display you just been to. Categories: assign your blog post to a category so visitors can simply find articles about this issue that interests them most. Categories are a broad grouping of your site posts and help people identify what your blog is focused on. Every post on your website must be assigned a category.

Tags: assign your blog posts tags, that is specific information regarding individual blogs. You do not have to give your blog articles tags. Featured Image: this is where you upload a graphic to appear at the top of your blog post. It will also appear anywhere on your website you allow blog post featured images to seem.