SG Young Investment

SG Young Investment

Money comes and go such as a running tap water. However, we can always make the best out of our money by utilizing a few simple hacks that I’ve done over the past few years. I really believe this has significantly added to my cost savings and at the same time I still continue steadily to benefit from the finer things in life.

Since 2005, I began to place my money into higher interest account because the banks in Singapore just slashed their interest rates like nobody’s business. Since then, I’ve switched a few accounts here and there because interest rates in the accounts changes over the years too. For now, my 2 main high interest accounts are from OCBC and CIMB.

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70,000 in the bank account. I just need to credit my salary and pay 3 different expenses to get the 1.5% interest. For the year 1050. 50,000 and then CIMB star saver to earn 0.8% on any balance. The best is there are no conditions to meet for CIMB so it’s very simple. It’s very easy to open up too simply need to do everything online without the trouble of going down to the lender.

I began using credit cards to get cashback on my spending while i heard a pal say how he had a debit card which gives 2% cashback on all spending. I visited make an application for it and used it to cover my university or college fees where I acquired a huge selection of dollars in cashback because of this. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a debit credit card which can give good cashback. One of the debit card gives cashback is the DBS visa debit cards which gives 5% cashback. However, you have to use visa payware for your payments and have to keep withdrawals from the ATM at three times or reduced.

For me, this is very difficult to attain. So, I enrolled in some credit cards which give good cashback for my spending. This is easily done for those who has a stable income. If you have started working or have been doing work for awhile now, nor have any problems controlling your spending, getting a credit card is more beneficial than devoid of one.

My most liked cashback credit cards are still the typical Chartered Unlimited credit card and American Express True Cashback cards. Both gives 1.5% cashback on ALL spending (online or offline) and 3% cashback for the first a few months for the AMEX cards. Getting bank cards has more perks because often there is good subscribe reward even.