Be Cruel TO BECOME Kind

Be Cruel TO BECOME Kind

Most people, who own a dog, love their dog; that pretty much will go without stating, although a lot of individuals do like to say it. ‘We love Fido. He’s been part of our family now for fifteen years. Ever since the youngsters were little.’ Etc etc. We’ve all before heard it. But I must question how much you love Fido just.

Enough to kill him or pet euthanasia? I understand that sounds terrible but I get so frustrated when talking with dog owners who will not do the right thing when their dog is old and in pain. They are seen by you out walking, urging Fido ‘C’mon, keep up’, as Fido behind struggles along ten yards, his tongue lolling from his mouth area, his stiff old hip and legs lacking the flexibility they used to have.

They appear to be forgetting the old ‘dog years’ guideline. If old Fido has been around for fifteen years roughly, he’s a vintage DOG. Give him a rest. I’ll wager you can’t jog around the block just like a spring chicken if you are a hundred years of age. But worse than this is when I hear people informing me stories of the difficulty old Fido has just lying down; how he turns and shuffles as he prepares for splashdown. And the little whimpers and yelps he emits when he summons up the energy to get right up from a resting position? Those are just the parts you listen to.

Do you think that at all times he isn’t making a sound that everything is hunky dory? If he’s in pain getting up or prone or negotiating stairs that he used to destined up and down, then there’s a good chance he’s in at least some soreness just laying still, on a difficult floor especially. Well never mind what you could or couldn’t bear.

Think about what poor Fido must keep every day, simply because you don’t want to reduce him. Obviously I am not suggesting for an instant that you ship old Fido out at the first sign of slowing down. On the contrary; there are some great products out there today that can be of enormous benefit to a dog showing signals of joint disease or the like.

But when even these remedies no longer help him, let him go. He’s adored you as as he’s known you long. Return the compliment and let him rest in peace. Dogs, no matter how strong they could appear, are actually very susceptible creatures because of the several diseases that can affect them. A complete lot of canine diseases can result in loss of life of the pet or, if not, can mar the dog for life.

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For example, cancers in your dog can be treated by still, say, chemotherapy, however the method can practically take the life and energy from the dog completely. There are also diseases that can be cured still, but are causing plenty of pain to your dog that even death seemed more favorable.

In similar cases, your dog’s life is really in your hands, and are also its comfort and its own hurting as well. When canines get ill with severe diseases, their owners are all of a sudden confronted with the difficult decision concerning euthanasia or putting a dog to rest. Some pet owners rule out euthanasia, convinced that it is such a cruel thing to do to a family pet that has been loyal and loving for quite some time.

However, there are situations that euthanasia would be the better option. Because you will be the only one who knows your dog very well, you will be the only 1 who could tell if your dog is in too much hurting already. As helpful information, consider euthanasia when the essence of your dog’s life has diminished, and even its daily survival is marred with visits to the vet, painful medications, and difficulty in waking up or moving around.