The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

One of the items I’ve given a lot of considered to lately is, exactly what does it imply to be “normal?” I’ve concluded “normal” is a relative term. Your normal isn’t my normal. He wished to be normal. He wished to have a normal romantic relationship with food. He had fixed in his mind a vision of what it meant for him to be normal, you know, like folks who are of normal weight with normal eating behaviors who wear normal clothing. To him, in order to be normal, he previously to consume less and exercise more simply, yeah–that would be some kind of normal.

What this guy failed to recognize is, he was already normal. He was his normal. To be able to achieve weight reduction success, the perspective on “normal” experienced to change. It couldn’t be someone else’s normal, it needed to be his own kind of normal. He could mimic someone else’s normal for a while, but eventually his normal would override the irregular impersonation of normal–and everything would get back to being his normal. Okay, –enough of the 3rd person–it’s annoying.

What I needed to accept was my normal. I had fashioned to let go of the idea that I wasn’t normal because in that, I was constantly recommending I wasn’t sufficient or something was wrong with me. I am sufficient and there is nothing wrong with me–as long as I’m not wanting to be someone else’s normal. My normal is: I’m dependent on sugars and if consumed, it activates bio-chemical reactions that send me looking for more and more–and not only sugary items–I’m speaking loads of carbs and high extra fat– it’s on!

Nothing outings my cause like sugar–it is my normal. THEREFORE I abstain, one day at a time–and it’s my normal and I’m okay. A glass or two is appreciated by me of alcohol on uncommon occasion, perhaps once or twice, a 12 months maybe 3 x. It generally does not negatively affect me beyond hook feeling of intoxication. It generally does not trip anything for me personally.

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That’s my normal. I have good friends with years of sobriety, who–if they attempted to imitate my normal, it would destroy their lives for who knows how long, maybe even eliminate them before they again found recovery. That’s their normal. So they abstain, one day at the same time, it’s their normal and they are okay.

Embracing my normal is vital to my success. My normal means that I take extraordinary treatment with food. My normal means no sugar. My normal means I remain active in offering and seeking support. My normal requires my attention and a rock-solid commitment in doing what I really do for my recovery. I fiercely protect it and apologize for it never. I know many people who’ll enjoy their share of Halloween candy in a month or more and it’ll not be a big deal whatsoever. That’s their normal. EASILY tried to mimic their normal, you would witness a much different turnaround on these webpages.

The biggest key for me personally to be my best requires me to embrace and acknowledge my normal, not somebody else’s. I hope and pray I spend the rest of my life celebrating my normal. Because easily do, I cannot lose. This is what “is finding what works for you” is focused on. Sometimes that statement is misinterpreted to mean “Find the plan or treatment” that works for you. I’m recommending, “Finding what works” for me and you start with determining our personal normal truthfully, fashioning a plan that gives us what we need then. I no more want to be some idealized version of “normal,” I want to be mine just.