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Is There a straightforward Treatment for GERD and Sleep Apnea? It’s well known that being as little as 20 pounds overweight increases gastrointestinal disorders including GERD and rest area. What is not popular is that a simple treatment is available. My husband (former mate now) at 30 pounds overweight suffered from rest area and GERD.

He finally was becoming so tired from insomnia that he saw his doctor who promptly prescribed Prilosec. 100 (Prilosec is now sold OTC (over the counter) so insurance doesn’t help pay the expense), therefore I wished to find an alternative. What I found astounded me. I have long received a publication called Life Enhancement and remembered viewing something in there about GERD and H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori), therefore I went to find that information again and there it was.

A simple, inexpensive remedy called Bye-Lori. I ordered some for him immediately. He had been taking Prilosec for a number of months, but after one bottle of Bye-Lori he never again refilled the Prilosec prescription. He also lost 30 pounds without a struggle after having carried the excess weight for quite some time. Did I point out the best advantage of all?

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He no longer snores! He used to appear to be a fog horn and keep me awake half the night time. Most doctors will prescribe drug therapy for GERD (and other things) at a high cost to your pocketbook. 31.49 per month. Bye-Lori by Life-Enhancement will not only help, it can get rid of the bacteria. Weight loss surgery (WLS) candidates have a high occurrence of H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) contamination. As the complication rate from WLS is so high (some estimates are as high as 1 death in 50, others 1 death in 1000) wouldn’t it seem sensible to give yourself every chance at a healthy intestinal system? I’ve received their newsletter for many years.

Maybe which means that he, like me, has yet to meet the right match. I know many people who marry for the very first time in life later. Does the fact that he “took the plunge” but failed to make him a far more desirable mate for me personally? Maybe some women see it this way. Good for them. I really do not feel very more comfortable with it individually.

I think the writer makes some very salient factors. Thank you because of this thoughtful article. This is unfortunately my current situation. I’ve known for approximately year that this relationship wasn’t going anywhere but chalked up my doubt to insecurity.But my intuition was right. He loves his ex-lover wife and regrets their divorce still.