What Are Stop Words?

What Are Stop Words?

Oops, I may have to omit specific details about its usage inside our organization but I am going to try to hand out a brief general idea. Was going thru the community forums of mysql full text-internet search engine just. In those days mysql 4.0 had just rolled out and we were using the full text search engine of mysql.

But it was terribly sluggish. Since the data size had not been “that” large and the number of searches may be numbered down easily, we were able to survive on it. But we were aware that we would be striking a bottle-neck some time later and well, we had to do something about it. I first tried out aspseek, but it didn’t let me do a boolean query using different fields. Later I tried license.

Another thing which is preferable to license is “egothor”. But there is not much support/recognition about any of it. And I’ve tried but have been struggling to use it to perform field-based searches. What I did was build up an enormous index using one of the tiny P-III machines and try out the search. Made a program to fire arbitrary questions to the index and checked the load on the machine concurrently. It turned out that the searches were very quickly, and the full total no of results found was obtained super fast, but the retrieval of a large number of documents after the search was a tedious process.

The most significant thing we do was that we discovered a bug in that version of lucene (in those days 1.3 was the version used) related to thread concurrency. A class that was synchronized and was not supposed to be. Pointed it out and sent thread stack dumps to Doug Cutting – the originator of scene and he helped us solve it out.

So we recompiled scene with the areas, modified the data to match the search we desired, created our very own analyzer (license has analyzers – will explain in detail later) and then used license. It does provide our purpose still. Though from that time till now, numerous changes have been done to the info and the search to optimize the search. To begin with, leucine is an API just. A couple of tools which allows one to create an index and then search it.

The index created is an inverted index (you will need to do some googling to discover what the inverted index is – if you don’t know it). And the index is a directory containing files related to the index fundamentally. When compound index structure can be used, the index directory contains a single file. However, when simple index structure can be used, the index directory website contains lots of files (generally 1 file/field being indexed and 7 (I believe) more files).

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An analyzer is the most important area of the index. It defines how data to be researched is being broken and formatted. You can break data into phrases or words, convert most of these to either lower-case or upper-case (search can also be made case sensitive). For example you have the whitespace-analyzer which breaks the written text to be indexed into tokens (or words) separated by white space. There is a StandardAnalyzer which retains only alphanumeric stuff from your text and discards special characters.

There is a stop-word analyzer which breaks text message on the basis of stop-word list provided to it. This seems to be heavy too. In fact this right part was the most challenging one, when I started out with lucene. It may be difficult to get what you want from your analyzer and like me exactly, you might finish up making your own analyzer and define your own stop words.

What are stop words? Stop words or noise words are words which are neither searched nor indexed. Something like “the” can be produced a stop word, since it is a common word and it is not relevant during a search. I would just deposit 2 small and basic programs for indexing and search. Don’t copy and paste them, it won’t work. I don’t have confidence in spoon feeding. INDEXING: An application which would index text files in a directory site. Declare the main class. Index all text message files under a listing.

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