20 Best ECover Design Softwares TO PRODUCE EBook Cover Images

20 Best ECover Design Softwares TO PRODUCE EBook Cover Images

Now a day’s product release is easy with start creating eBook and launches it in the marketplace. These kinds of product to start eBook virtual packaging or supply the better impression on the eBook eCover. We have amount of software making eCover creation faster with high quality look and feel.

Especially this eCover can be utilized in the press pages and sales webpages of the product launch funnel. We can make eCover in3D forms also. These softwares not only used to create eCover for eBook it shall be used for software boxes, Dvd movie, and CD’s virtual packing. Here I have a list of 20 best eCover creation software as follows.

My eCover maker is the free eCover design software site, it has toned 2D and 3D eCover design web templates in build. We can use 3D-eCover templates for promoting the product in sales pages. It has more than 50 different eCover templates we can pick anyone for the digital product promotion as we liked. For 2D flat eCover we can use it in open form subscription places and other banner creation methods. We are able to create covers for your eBook, video thumbnails plus some report and with the help of packages we can combine the different images according to our requirements.

The Photoshop action scripts use 300 DPI HIGH RES to bring your eBook cover look extremely practical look. It provides a set of 3D Photoshop Actions so we can create eBook covers easily, brochures, magazine covers, 3d software box covers, business credit cards, logos, full-page spreads, postcards, and much, much more with just two clicks of your mouse.

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It is one of the good online eCover creation website. They have many eBook layouts we can choose from a great deal of high-quality background images from the eCoverbot library. Or we can use custom images for the backdrop image of the eCover by uploading from the computer. Here we can create eCover in 3D form also. This software used to make eBook cover without Photoshop. There is absolutely no design skills need to generate eCover in 3D. Designing own eCover with eCover inventor 3D software is much simpler. In a few clicks we can have the cover design prepared to use for your web page and squeeze web pages in a product launch.

= $ =p>Reserve also provides the ISBN barcode generation options. We can design our eCover in few steps complete from scratch, or the inbuilt can be used by us from the template available in the directory as per our choice. We can likewise have 3D and lighting effects on the cover design. The eCover Go is the Photoshop eCover Action Script Package is the latest & most sophisticated technology which makes creating custom e-book covers and designs for the digital product easily, fast, and fun for all those design skill levels.