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Seth’s Nutrition And Fitness Blog

Amy asks: Could it be better to eat whatever you want and melt away all the calories from fat you ate? Or eat healthier, and also have only burned fifty percent or less than half of what you ate? A lot of the time, it is better to consume healthier, and also burn a whole lot of calories through whatever form of exercise you choose. It is better to eat to support your workout routine, rather than exercise to support your diet plan. The bottom line is: If you eat poorly, it will be really tough to keep up or lose weight, be healthy, and have energy for exercising. Tom asks: A friend says to consider Geritol to feel awake and vital, what’s your opinion?

There are two main Geritol products. The Geritol Tonic is a multi-vitamin with iron health supplement. The Geritol Complete is a normal multi-vitamin (without iron). The Geritol Tonic contains a very high amount of iron – 18 mg. Just so everyone knows, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for iron is 8 mg/day for men and 18 mg/day for ladies (Note: Iron values are for the general healthy populace).

The Geritol Tonic has been promoted for “Iron-poor tired blood”. The only possible way (besides a placebo impact) that Geritol Tonic will give you more energy, is if you have an iron deficiency, or a severe type of supplement and/or other mineral deficiency. You shall gain a lot more of a dietary benefit if you take in fruits, vegetables, and other vitamin and mineral rich foods, instead of taking a multi-vitamin.

Phyllis asks: What is the ultimate way to motivate someone who is a “inactive”, and doesn’t think of exercise and focus on nutrition as anything but an annoyance at best? Maybe this person just doesn’t care and attention enough to change their habits. They are going to need to have a deep look inside if they want to start changing their ways. In terms of motivating them, they may have to get furious and pissed off at themselves (possibly borderline disgusted at how sluggish and fat these are) to gas the open fire.

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Maybe holding around the extra weight should be seen as an annoyance, not changing their behaviors for improving themselves. David asks: I’ve read that I will avoid dairy easily want to lose weight? For example, I eat 1 glass of cottage parmesan cheese each morning for breakfast – is this the reason my weight hasn’t budged much?

The Friendship brand of whipped cottage parmesan cheese tastes incredible. There are numerous myths about dairy products, such as, that it makes the body store more body fat, it causes bloating, and that it causes swelling. I don’t know who’s to blame for these myths, however in my opinion, cottage cheese is an extremely convenient source of protein.