Confessions Of A Makeup Addict

Confessions Of A Makeup Addict

Hello, and pleasant to my blog! I am Lysette and I’m a freelance Makeup Artist focusing on bridal and other dressing up event makeup. Makeup is one of my many passions in life. Making women feel confident and beautiful is so satisfying for me personally. I hope to someday enroll in a makeup school AND become a certified Esthetician. Here on my blog you will find my makeup creations, reviews, DIY stuff, and a few lessons now and then every! If you want to book a scheduled appointment please click here! NOTE: I am not paid by any companies to examine any of these products– all products are ordered with my very own money and most of my views are my very own!

But the eyebrows and eyes are ideal for the period. For those of you who aesthetically learn better, here are a couple of video tutorials displaying how to make 1940s makeup and hair to create the entire look. All you need to do is add some period clothes and you’re ready to go.

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The first video tutorial deals with facial makeup, and the second with the locks. The next three video tutorials will focus on creating hairstyles of the 1940s, something this is an excellent addition to the makeup look being created. Put all of this collectively and you have a good look to venture out or visit a party with.

Not way too many of the women will be heading 1940s, so go knock ’em lifeless. I think this female first got it right, of this day and those rolls in the locks fill up the wonderful look. Sometimes I wonder why the ladies don’t participate in simpler appears like this; as they’re stunning, beautiful, quick and easy to do, and are very compelling to check out.

What more could a girl ask for? While there are always a true number of hairstyles from the period, the facial makeup was almost always the same no matter who wore it. So there had to be the thicker, raised eyebrows, the slightly red cheeks, doe eyes, and rich, full lips covered in a red, or in some cases, orange hue. All that combined to make the appearance of the 1940s, one which continues to be one of the more attractive ever. The way it all started was to make a flawless base to start the entire look with.

That was done by the slight darkening of the natural skin tone and adding the rose or pink natural powder to the cheeks. Today In most cases, that may be replicated by using a normal basis to get the 1940s look going. All that should be done there is certainly to apply it to the very best area of the cheekbone and clean up towards the temples. If you want to bypass the foundation, you could simply apply a translucent powder with that red or increased hue to it.

That will help create the natural complexion sought after if you’re skin appears good as it is. The eyes of the 1940s focused mainly on the brows and lashes, with simple details of gray or brownish within the eyebrows or on the lids. For the eyebrows, you should have the entire look, although you can pluck them for the right, the arched shape. It’s that arched form that are so similar to the 1940s, and is a must for those wanting an authentic look from those times. You can use a pencil on the eyebrow arch to complete it off with a sharp point.