Anna Hoo Clinic: 6/1/14

Anna Hoo Clinic: 6/1/14

There is the guideline for the wonder Industry. Please, do not have your Inject able treatments Essentially, Laser light treatments or any surgical procedures done in a non-medical outfitted middle or premise. It really is mean for safety reason. Your health and safety. To improve professionalism, and to prevent the occurrence of unwanted incident within the beauty services; ii. To enhance consumer protection against improper methods in the beauty industry. 2.1 these recommendations does apply to the beauty industry. 2.2 The professionals in this industry include beauticians, aestheticians, beauty consultants, aesthetic therapists, spa therapists, complementary therapists, masseurs, make-up performers, and nail technicians.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) The use of any IPL machine is not encouraged unless the professionals have received adequate training to use such machines correctly and in a safe manner. Laser skin treatment Laser Treatment machines should only be used by practitioners who have received sufficient training and have the ability to use such machines correctly and in a safe manner.

Acupuncture Acupuncture treatment will be administered in accordance to the relevant legislation. Piercing-Beauty Therapist should avoid providing such services in the wonder salon idea. Slimming treatment relating to the use of sonography, cavitation, hot and frosty treatment and coolant (chemical substance) machine should be given with care and by practitioners who’ve received adequate training. Ultra-sonic devices The use of ultra-sonic devices can be used with extreme care and the professionals should have received sufficient training to use such devices properly and in a safe manner.

Implantation to the body The implantation of a device positioned under the human being skin for decorative or adjustment purposes. The treatments may be sub-dermal or trans-dermal. Derma-roller The usage of term-roller for deep acne scar treatment and skin rejuvenation, which penetrates the skin and create lots of tiny wounds. Liposuction The treatment that involves the removal of fat deposits from the physical body utilizing a cannula. Injection/Fat Graft A medical procedure using the technique of moving fat in one area of the body to another to improve contour, correct defects, or enhance features. Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) A surgical modification of the eyelid. Extra pores and skin and extra fat are repositioned or removed, and surrounding cells may be reinforced.

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Hair transplant A medical technique that involves harvesting hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) and transplanted to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). Incision and suturing of pores and skin – Making a lower to the skin and joining the cells using needle and thread. Sinus treatment that involves penetration into the nasal area using instrument or product. Any form of blood-letting or blood-withdrawal treatment – for cosmetic or any other purposes.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Any dental work that increases the appearance of the person’s tooth, gums and/or bite. All treatments that induces scratching causing harm to your skin. Slimming treatment relating to the consumption of recommended drugs. 6.1 All beauty therapists should find the necessary training and skills which commensurate with the assistance they offer.

6.2 All beauty therapists shall maintain good personal hygiene and stay healthy at all right time. 6.3 All beauty therapists must have good interpersonal skills. Obtain consent from clients before taking pre-and post-photography as evidence of efficiency of treatments. Shall not engage in activities that are immoral or illegal. Be knowledgeable and also give sufficient and right information, advice, and suggestions about the products and the assistance that exist to the clients consistent with good industry practices.

Refrain from taking part in aggressive or pressured products or services promotion that may lead to disturbance and harassment to the clients. 8.1 Each beauty therapists have the responsibility for preserving a safe, clean, well-preserved and healthy idea whatsoever time by pursuing environmental, safety, and health procedures and rules.

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