Athlete & General Skin Care

Athlete & General Skin Care

If you are breaking out with acne after a good workout from the gym-then you need a post-workout cleanser developed for after training. Quite a while rumor that a “good sweat” from working out will in actuality clean your pores. But scientists say that isn’t the case. Not only will your oil producing sebaceous glands go into overdrive but sweat could actually clog your skin pores.

For one, sweat contains acne causing bacteria. Also, acne irritants like dirt and dirt are more likely to abide by damp epidermis. Mix the bacteria and oil in sweat with blocked pores and the full total result is often acne. Combine sweat with friction from sports bras, tight-fitting clothing, head baseball, and rings caps makes the perfect breeding floor for acne. This is called acne mechanica.

You can prevent breakouts by taking time with an effective skin care regimen after your exercise from the gym. After exercise, cleanse with the dermatologist recommended Stellar Performance Post-Workout Cleanser. This is the only cleanser that is not formulated for people of people but for cleaning the skin after a workout specifically. This cleanser can not only deep cleanse all debris from sweat thoroughly, but it will not dry out your skin. Your skin layer should still have adequate moisture to prevent future breakouts after acne is fully gone. If you use a cleanser that dries out your skin, your sebaceous glands get into a rebound mode by producing more oil, thus leading to breakouts.

The Stellar Performance Post-Workout Cleanser doesn’t have any chemical substance or synthetic substances. Your pores open naturally to expel perspiration. Doctors agree, what you apply on your skin layer can work its way into the blood stream. This cleanser is perfect for individuals who want to get rid of as many chemicals from their skin-care products as possible.

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Also, artificial fragrances, colors, and chemicals can irritate acne actually. Think of your skin care regimen as important as your workout regimen and you are certain to have clear, healthy skin. What’s your skin caution regimen following the fitness center? By Sandy Alcide copyright 2013. All privileges reserved. Sandy is chief executive of the Motion Medica skin care. Pioneers of fitness skin care products since 2005. She can be reached via the web site.

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