Is This Your First Time Visiting Us?

Is This Your First Time Visiting Us?

The movie will get started at 10 am. School has gone out for the summer! Will you do with the youngsters Now…what! Every Mon with this FREE Summer season Playdates series between 10 am – 12 pm Legacy Hall has you protected. The FINAL Summer Playdate is this week! This Monday August 5 joins us to view Beauty & The Beast (2017) and have lunch with Belle and The Beast. Belle plus the Beast will be our guests as they party, play, and take images with your children.

The kids will like to see a common Disney characters! The movie will start at 10 am. Dallas Moms Collin and Blog State Parents Blog. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a grown-up. See below for details. PARENTS: Please know that you and your children’s safeness are our top priority.

Therefore, we respectfully ask that children are ALWAYS associated with an adult in Legacy Hall and the Box Garden. There is absolutely no running (races, label, climbing, etc.), tossing objects, moving…you know the drill. NO OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINKS: No outdoor food or drinks are allowed. Exceptions are made for the nutritional needs of infants, medical determinations, and homemade desserts for special festivities (former mate.: birthdays).

FREE EVENT DETAILS: That is a free of charge event; therefore, registration does NOT guarantee a seating or usage of the venue. Seating is first come, first provided. Tickets will NOT be gathered. 12: Arrive early to popular events as seating may go quickly. YOUR VISIT: Is this your first time browsing us?

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Legacy Hall can be an inventive, European-style food hall combining the best elements of a beer garden, art brewery, and live entertainment venue. You’ll love the three-story, 55,000-square-foot space offering more than 20 curated restaurant stalls offering flavors from round the global world. Plus, the Box Garden, which is the Hall’s expansive outdoor entertainment venue, where guests sing along to reside in music, watch movies, cheer on live sports broadcasts and more.

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