Disney Movie Club!

Disney Movie Club!

Soooo, I kept in mind one of the items I wanted to talk about just! We all know Belle’s favorite book, right? Blue cover, far-off places, daring sword battles, magic spells, a prince in disguise, the works. But what, actually, is the book? It may be more familiar than you thought. You will find two major theories on what this book could be: the first is Sleeping Beauty, the second reason is Aladdin. Let’s do a little investigating and see if either of the match. Far-off places: The kingdom is never given a name, so although it is probable in Europe, maybe it’s in a different world completely.

Daring sword battles: Phillip vs. Magic spells: The complete storyline revolves around a curse, ensemble by an wicked fairy. A prince in disguise: This one’s just a little sneakier, but if you keep in mind, Aurora and Phillip didn’t realize who they were talking to the first time they fulfilled in the forest. He’s officially never in disguise, but Aurora doesn’t know he’s a prince nevertheless, so that it could rely still. Far-off places: Agrabah is somewhere in Arabia, so compared to France, it’s definitely far off.

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Daring sword battles: Aladdin vs. XD Plus those guys running around with swords the whole movie. Magic spells: The mere existence of the Genie fills that one. A prince in disguise: This is actually the only 1 that, for me, stacks up much better than Sleeping Beauty actually. Whereas Phillip was simply a misunderstanding, Prince Ali was definitely a disguises.

Then there’s your final hint. In the shot we get of the book’s web pages, there’s a picture of two people who, within an acceptable extent, look much like Phillip and Aurora. This is another reason I don’t really believe it’s Aladdin, as Jasmine and Aladdin would be hard to mistake for these royals.

What do you think? Is Belle’s favorite tale of the one and only Disney’s own Sleeping Beauty? Or is it something else? Ooh, a remarkable theory, as well as a thorough analysis. Enough Funnily, I really believe I’ve gone over this mysterious publication myself before, but all I came up with was that it foreboded Belle’s own story. Far-off places: to most of us, France is a fairly far-off place, and the location might not have been named and merely felt far-off to Belle thus. Daring sword fights: Beast vs.

Gaston–though I acknowledge that wasn’t so a lot of a sword combat as much as a dirty combat. Magic spells: Beast being converted into, well, a beast. A prince in disguise: Beast himself, disguised as a beast, as stated before. I never really thought about how–if my theory were true–this book foreboding Belle’s future got into her hands and why it was created. I think I accepted it as a little treat from the song authors just, like when “Frozen” foreboded the rise of Elsa in the opening song.

But, your theory makes more sense–I don’t possess a lot of logic to mine. Personally, I think Belle’s favorite tale has a much better chance of being “Sleeping Beauty”. Ooh, I like your theories. They’re fairly accurate and very close. Far-off places: Takes place in a far-off castle completely isolated from even the nearest of villages.

Daring Sword Fights: Well, I guess there wasn’t really a lot of a sword combat, but I believe there was a blade in the final battle. Magic Spells: Well, the Beast’s curse and the enchantress in the beginning accounts for the magic. A Prince in Disguise: The Beast was essentially a prince in disguise as a beast. On second thought, it probably isn’t Beauty and the Beast. That is clearly a great theory as well! And one which I actually considered once but didn’t give a whole lot of understanding to. Belle to break Beast’s spell all along.