Fitness Trackers Could Be A National Security Risk

Fitness Trackers Could Be A National Security Risk

Recently, a favorite fitness tracking application called “Strava” released a temperature map, which displayed the experience of its massive consumer foundation from throughout the global world. In all, the heat map contained greater than a billion activities, tracking every jog, bike ride, walk, swim, downhill, and other activity that users opted to log. Unfortunately, this application is a favorite of armed service personnel, so when the heat map was published, research workers made a disturbing discovery. In logging their physical activity, military personnel offered away the locations of their (sometimes magic formula) bases. Although the info was stripped of identifying markers before being loaded onto the map personally, other research workers have been able to de-anonymize the info, tying individual activity routes to specific people.

From a national security standpoint, this is disturbing on two levels. First, of course, is the fact that the locations of supposedly top-secret bases could be found out so easily, and by something as innocuous as a fitness app. Second, and just as disturbing, is the known reality that since it has been exhibited that the data can be de-anonymized. This means that enemies of any existing government can accurately locate key personnel. Armed with a task map that establishes a “reliable pattern of life,” it may use that data to plan carefully orchestrated attacks against specific individuals.

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Needless to state, the presence of applications that know a lot about us and our exact whereabouts is going to need a total rethink by government agencies throughout the world. One has to wonder, just how many other unintentional side effects will we see in the months and a long time?

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