Struggling After 6 Years Of Consistent Loss, Need Some Encouragment/Advice. (Pics)

Struggling After 6 Years Of Consistent Loss, Need Some Encouragment/Advice. (Pics)

Sorry for the wall of textual content, but here is my story for anyone fascinated. I’ve been hovering between 245 and 255 for about 9 months now. I cannot seem to interrupt this plateau. I’m sure it has to do with weight loss program but I’m unsure what else I can do to cut calories without sacrificing efficiency in the gym.

I knew I now had what it took and that I might do this by myself. Dieting alone took me from Feb 2013-Nov 2017. I went from 472lbs down to 310lbs simply via weight-loss plan modification and CICO. Early 2014 I switch from smoking tobacco to vaping and by mid-2016 I was off all forms of nicotine/tobacco. In November 2017 I started going to the gym. I had achieved a ton of analysis and discovered that as a way to do anything on the gym you first needed to build your cardio baseline/endurance. I started with 15-20 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0mph to just get used to bodily exercise.

I dedicated to the gym 5 days a week. I’ve hit a degree where I have developed into fairly snug in my routine. 2050) P: 40%/C: 35%/F: 25 to see if it helps any. I’m additionally going to increase my water from 102oz a day to 152oz a day. I first assumed it was simply me replacing muscle with fat.

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Which it could nonetheless be however I’ve done a couple of physique scans that present I’m gaining muscle and changing fat. I have 102.2lbs of Skeletal Muscle Mass and 81.3lbs of fats and that fat quantity is what’s fluctuating. 1.5-2lbs a month) but the fats appears to be fluctuating/going up. I do not know what I’m doing fallacious.

Hopefully, the shift in the workout and the change in weight-loss program will assist me start losing again and get off this practice of shedding and regaining the same 10 lbs of fat again and again. This sub has given me A lot over the years, and I like coming on here studying and commenting on all your improbable progress.

This time I just need just a little help to get over this hump and onto the subsequent chapter, upkeep. 6 years of loss I’ve hit a plateau. I’m getting married in 3 months and want to be nearer to my objective. I’m making a couple of adjustments but additionally looking for suggestions/encouragement from folks who’ve struggled with breaking plateaus.